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June 17, 2009

!!!רביי גביש והימים החמים

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מעשה בדוס מרמת הגולן…….

מקרה שהיה כך היה……


June 8, 2009

Funny presentation

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hey guys,I woke up today in a realy good mood, but after I hacked up a wierd HTML page (for ordering breakfast from the in-house cafetria), the most complicated thing I wrote was (be careful now):

June 1, 2009

בדיחות ברשת

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Today in our blog, a few jokes… Sorry about the Hebrew, jokes can not be translated, and we are up to our nose in Assignments (Sequence Diagrams are hard, a post about it soon), But since I collect cute jokes, I’ll post them here (Call me lazy…)light bulb


May 11, 2009

Windows-1255 Encoding

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This article solves the problem of the windows-1255 encoding


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