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June 4, 2009

Data Access Hell

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With all the story about the airplane crash (the airfrance flight) I forgot to do my homework (Too much news reading)


June 1, 2009

בדיחות ברשת

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Today in our blog, a few jokes… Sorry about the Hebrew, jokes can not be translated, and we are up to our nose in Assignments (Sequence Diagrams are hard, a post about it soon), But since I collect cute jokes, I’ll post them here (Call me lazy…)light bulb


May 13, 2009

Huffman Encoding! :0

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Welcome Again my friends!

Today we will crack (?) the huffman code case (?) 🙂

Just stay close and put your flight helmet on (or your worker’s helmet, if you ask maor), cause dirt is going to fly off!

If you enjoyed this article, tune in on the next one in the series, or just wait for maor to come out of the coma, and write some more unfunny jokes! (Don’t forget to bring your googles, sparks will surely fly)



May 11, 2009

Windows-1255 Encoding

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This article solves the problem of the windows-1255 encoding


May 4, 2009

חגי וייל נזרק מהכיתה במהלך השיעור

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מקרה שהיה כך היה…..


May 3, 2009

Conditional Rendering

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Hi folks!

Just learnt how to use this awesome blogging tool! 🙂
opened up a new user name and I’ll be writing most of my posts using this user.
This time i’ll blog about conditional renderer Custom Control I prorgammed. Sort of.


A little more about us

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Nice Fractal

Hello and welcome to our blog!
In this blog we will share with the world:
  • Cute little coding projects that we are working on.
  • Cute little stories from the classroom.
  • And A little about the life of a student in Israel 2009 Post elections.

We will be happy to hear from you!

Catch ya later,


Mosh Productions are on the AIR!

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Welcome to This is mosh Productions first blog post.
Wait for more to come


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